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We at MICHAEL'S SCIENTIFIC COMPANY, the developer and producer of the Science In A bag kits, believe that positive, exciting, and fun experiences in science early in a child's development will encourage him or her to pursue science actively in the future.

What do parents and educators say about our products?
"We are writing to tell you that Gray has had a wonderful experience using the disappearing crystals. He used them in his 6th grade science fair project and won 1st place! Thank you for producing such a wonderful educational product."

"My husband and I have been entirely pleased with Jennifer's enjoyment of the disappearing crystals. She loves watching them appear and disappear. We are especially, excited about the fact that she understands the science associated with the crystals and is able to communicate to us what she has learned."

"I purchased the Disappearing Crystal and the light & crystals CD a few weeks ago. You responded to my phone call and e-mail and I appreciate your assistance in the timely delivery of the items. My granddaughter prepared a wonderful 6th Grade Science Project based on the crystals and will present her display and light refraction research this week. I wanted you and your staff to know that she was able to enjoy the crystals and got really excited about the experiment."

"I teach middle school science, and the hands-on activity that my students enjoyed the most was the unit on growing crystals and working with your disappearing crystals. And best of all was the fact that each of my students got to keep the crystals when the unit was completed!"

Comments from youngsters
"I really enjoy growing crystals that can get big and disappear."
 Justin, age 9

"Disappearing crystals are fun stuff."
Margarita, age 12

"Science is awesome! We made crystals vanish and reappear."
Gregory, age 10

"I grew the biggest crystals of all the girls in my girl scout troop, and then I made them disappear as every body watched. The girls thought it was neat! We all had a lot of fun."
Caitlin, age 11

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