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The Premium That Make’s A Favorable Impression!

My husband and I are very impressed with your school. John is still talking about the crystals you gave him and constantly ask can he attend your school next year.”

“Thanks for the excellent job you do with the kids at your school. I am especially impressed with you hands-on science program exemplified by the crystal activity your staff member gave to our daughter.”

“My [5th grade] son climbed in the car after a day at your wonderful school announced in animated fashion, I can make crystals disappear! What a neat school.”

These are just some of the comments that every admission director loves to hear from parents attending their school’s open house or after a campus tour. When a potential student comes to tour your school as part of the admission process and/or when your school conducts an open house, why not give the visiting child a fun science based premium not only as a token of your school’s appreciation for the visit, but also to remind them of their time at the school. This is one of the rationales behind the development of the Disappearing Crystals science premium. The crystal premium has been successfully used to make favorable impressions on families who visit schools for the past ten years.
Crystal In Hand Image

Disappearing Crystals
are designed to stimulate critical thinking as the boys and girls try to determine “why the crystals disappear!” Upper elementary and middle school age students have enjoyed working with them and their parents have constantly remarked how much joy they have brought to their children.

Disappearing crystals comes complete with all of the necessary items needed to conduct the activity. Easy to follow instructions and an explanation of why the activity works is also included. The premium package can be printed with the statement “Compliments of [Your school name].” Not only will this make a favorable impression on the visiting student but because the Disappearing Crystal activity teaches the science concept of refraction of light it will reinforce in the minds of their parents that your school has an excellent academic program that gets children excited about learning.

The crystals are safe, non-toxic and biodegradable. They meet all Federal, State and local regulations for health, safety and waste disposal.

To view another premium that might be of interest for use both in the admissions process and science education visit our products page.

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