What Are High Definition (HD) Glasses?

You have probably seen the picture quality produced by a HD (High Definition) television set, the image is sharper and wider it is more like a movie screen than it is a TV set! They make the DVD video or TV show you're watching look like a 3-D scene that's happening right in front of you. Wearing HD glasses can generate the same effect.

How does it work?
HD (High Definition) glasses allow the wearer to see 2-demensional images in 3D, through the process of selective refraction (bending of light) through the lens changes the perceived depth of different colors. For example red appears to be in the front in a picture and items that are blue appear to be in the background, with the other colors of the spectrum taking depth positions in corresponding order (red, orange, yellow, green and blue).

Dark blue and black backgrounds are great for viewing with HD glasses. This is probably why so many underwater scenes and space scenes produce excellent 3-D images. Bright florescent colors, as well as mixed tones such as brown, work well too!
HD Glasses Images
What are some uses?
The ChromaDepth® HD glasses that we sell are generally used for print and laser light shows. HD glasses can be used for all types of viewing, from looking at freehand 3D drawings to watching TV, videos, and movies. The ChromaDepth® process produces fantastic 3D illusions without compromising the quality of the image when viewed without the glasses. These glasses work well for use with printed images, books, UV light/fluorescent paints, magazines and brochures.

ChromaDepth® HD glasses can be used to conduct earth science, hands-on activities by having the students draw underwater geologic scenes or scenes of water flowing in a river channel or a valley with mountain ranges on both sides. Also selective refraction of light, color and depth perception are just a few of the topics that would be ideal to study using HD glasses. A complete hands-on science program using HD glasses is available as an interactive CD-ROM.

These glasses are inexpensive which means they can be distributed to each child in a class to take home as a hands-on project to try and duplicate the activities demonstrated in class, and they are great for use in science fair projects and for home schooling activities. Also, ChromaDepth® HD glasses make ideal premiums for distribution by school admission officials when they conduct open-house tours of their schools.

HD glasses comes complete with easy to follow instructions, an explanation of how the glasses work and a series of suggested activities for their use.

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