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Welcome to MICHAEL’S SCIENTIFIC COMPANY the producer of the Science In A Bag® products. We are fascinated by invention, discovery and scientific exploration. The products we carry and services we offer are intended to stimulate this enthusiasm in upper elementary and middle school age boys and girls.

Twenty years ago, MICHAEL’S SCIENTIFIC COMPANY began as a part time business by Mike Calhoun an upper elementary and middle school science teacher, who was able to infuse in his students a love of science by developing a series of inexpensive hands-on projects that they could conduct at school and to take home to keep.

From that humble beginning MICHAEL’S SCIENTIFIC has grown to where we supplying students, teachers, home school educators, and the general public with innovative science products, activities, and services. With each year interest in science education seems to grow and so do we!

Scientists and educators agree, that it is in the elementary and middle/junior high school grades that the greatest impact can be made in science education. Also, that the hands-on inquiry based teaching method is most effective with this age group. All of our products and programs are structured on this basic instructional philosophy.

MICHAEL’S SCIENTIFIC COMPANY programs fall into the following categories:
Our flagship Science In A Bag® hands-on kits have met with rave reviews by all who have used them, especially upper elementary school age boys and girls. All products in the Science In A Bag series conform to the National Science Education Standards, the Benchmark for Science Literacy as well as the various State Curriculum Standards.

Cyberlab is the critically acclaimed website that we developed and maintain is designed to introduce students to the science protocol of peer review and research reproducibility. Upon entering the site students find a problem-solving scenario narrative, then a detailed list of requirements for solving the problem and making a final report. Links to needed real data are given, as well as links to supplementary study material. The site also contains a dedicated email address so students and their teachers from other schools who view the site can make comments and suggestions.

Another unique feature about Cyberlab is that students are able to conduct the hands-on portion of the activity at school and complete the lab report at home. The built in form communication system permits the teacher to view and critique student lab reports at any time electronically. This is a great help for teachers with large classes and limited free periods or can be used by home schooling parents working collaboratively. Cyberlab topics cover units in the physical and life sciences.

Currently we make the Cyberlab activities available free of charge at http://cyberlab1.1apps.com/ to any educator to use with his or her classes the only requirements being Internet access. We also sell individual Cyberlab science units on CD and will develop specific science topics of your choosing. Please contact us by email for details and/or a list of current Cyberlab CD topics.

Our staff has a demonstrated knowledge of current research on pre and early adolescent development, and the latest issues and trends in science education as it affects this age group. We have experience in education policy and program development having assisted textbook adoption committees and standardized assessments test development.

Professional Organization Membership includes:
National Science Teachers Association
The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)
The Association of Test Publishers

Thank you for using our products and services. If we may be of continuing service please contact us.

Mike Calhoun & the rest of the MICHAEL’S SCIENTIFIC team.

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