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Image of bag Science In A Bag ® "Products that turn kids on to science"

Science In A Bag is a series of fun activities designed to get boys and girls excited about science and to stimulate critical thinking. Each activity comes complete in a bag.

Teachers, home schooling parents, after-school and summer camp directors continually search for activities that will capture a child's attention and imagination. Science in a Bag products’ are fun and most youngsters will learn more when the process is enjoyed. Read the testimonials of parents and youngsters that have used our products.

               Disappearing Crystal!

                    UV Light Detector

                             Allelopathy Investigation Kit


A small glass or clear plastic jar appears to contain only water and a small string noose hanging down into the water. When the string is lifted out, a large shiny crystal appears tied in the noose. When the string is lowered back into the water, the crystal again disappears. That’s a Disappearing Crystal!

This activity comes complete with several small crystals, instructions and an explanation of the science connected with the experiment. The crystals are safe and non-toxic. Disappearing Crystals can be used over and over again for hours of wonderment and fun! Disappearing Crystals have been used in science fair projects and magic shows. Also these crystals make ideal premiums for distribution by private school admission officials when they conduct open-house tours. [Read how]

UV-sensitive beads contain photo-chromatic dyes that react to ultraviolet light and cause the normally white beads to change into vibrant colors when exposed to the sunlight. The UV Detector contains these sensitive beads inside of a clear plastic or glass tube. When the detector is shielded from UV radiation, the beads are white. When exposed to UV radiation the beads turn purple. The detector contains a color scale which enables the user to determine the level of UV radiation.

The UV Detector can be used by teachers and home schooling parents when teaching a unit on electromagnetic waves, also to help boys and girls develop an understanding of ultraviolet radiation, to measure UV light intensity, develop an understanding of the effects of UV radiation on the skin. UV tubes can be used in science fair projects to test the effectiveness of sunglasses and commercial sunscreens. [Read how]
Allelopathy is the name given by which some plants chemically inhibit the germination, or growth of competitors. The chemicals may be released from plant cell tissues directly into the air (volatile chemicals), or released into the soil from the roots or from decomposing leaves. The all time champion for studying allelopathy is The Black Walnut Tree, which produces a potent pesticide and herbicide called “juglone” (5 hydroxy-1, 4-napthoquinone), which occurs naturally in all parts of the tree and thereby creates a protective zone around the Black Walnut Tree.

Designed as a hands-on activity this kit includes everything needed for student investigators to compare the allelopathic affects of juglone, the chemical agent produced by the Black Walnut tree, on fast growing plants over the course of 7 days and its biodegradability in soil.[Read how]the allelopathy investigation activity makes an excellent science fair project.

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